Fortnite World Cup 2019

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One of the first entrants into the Fortnite: Battle Royale competitive space - even before any tournaments were being held - FaZe Clan is a team that all followers of the Esport community know & love.

Successes have been early:

- winning 4 of the first 10 inaugural (& informal) "Friday Fortnite" events hosted by KEEMSTAR.

Successes have been often:
-  taking home both the #1 & #2 spots on the podium at Fortnite's toughest event to date, 2018's TwitchCon Grand Finale.


Up next is not only the biggest Fortnite event of all time, but one of the biggest in Esports history:

- their World Cup Finals run July 26th-28th, where $30,000,000 in prizes will be handed out.


FaZe Clan’s Funk, Nate Hill, Dubs, Megga, & Vorwenn will all be competing - with Funk, Dubs, & Megga in the Solo competition, and all 5 in the Duos.